Wednesday, January 12, 2011

May Magic on Market Street #6: Ed Wandell, Magnolia

Once Magnolia's Ed Wandell made the leap, he went in all the way.

You'll read below that Ed got his start in triathlons in 2007 at CB&I, like so many others.  But after that, there's been no turning back for the 53-year-old.

The first year was seven sprint triathlons and Ten For Texas (which he has now completed four times). 

In 2008, he made the progression to the Olympic and half iron distance, which laid the groundwork for three halves in 2009 and his first Ironman - with a 12:44:44 finish - last September in Wisconsin.

And in May, he'll bring it all full circle at Ironman Texas as one of just seven Magnolia residents ever to finish an Ironman.
Ed Wandell crossing the
finish line at Ironman Wisconsin

2010 USAT age? -- 53.

Birthplace? -- Elgin, Illinois.

You've been identified as registering for Ironman Texas. What motivated you to sign up? -- Hometown energy, lots of training partners and lots of smack talk!

Will this be your first attempt at an Ironman? -- No.

If not, how many IMs have you completed? -- One.  IM Moo (Wisconsin) last September.  (Editor's note:  Ed finished IM Wisconsin in 12:44:44.)

Will you/did you get an MDot tattoo after your first Ironman? -- I am open to it – just not “moooooved” to do it yet!

What triathlon/running/cycling clubs do you belong to? -- Lonestar Multisport.

Do you train with anyone (i.e. training group)? -- Mostly by myself, sometimes club rides and masters swims.

Are you coached by anyone? -- Steve Breeding coached me through Ironman Wisconsin and Michelle LeBlanc will be coaching me for Ironman Texas.

How many hours a week do you spend training? -- 12-13 hours consistently.

When was your first triathlon? -- CB&I – 2007.

How did you do? -- 1:28.  I was hooked.  (Editor's note:  The last three years, Ed has been 1:16, 1:11 and 1:12.)

Why did you get into the sport? -- To increase my endurance to be able to make backpacking with my Boy Scout troop easier.

What have you learned about yourself while pursuing triathlon/Ironman? -- I rock.

Which of the three disciplines is your strongest? -- If I can get my swimming under control, my only limiters will be cycling and running.

What's your favorite triathlon distance? -- The one I am racing.

Favorite race? -- CB&I – Lots of porta-cans.

What's your bucket list race? -- Alcatraz. 

One piece of gear or gadget that you can't do without? -- Yankz – I’m easily pleased.

What's your favorite training routine? -- Early morning – it gets the day started right.

What are some of your favorite routes (biking or running)? -- Biking - 149 to Richards and Anderson back down 1774.  Lots of Hills.  Running - I like running out in the country on gravel roads and no traffic.  I like the rhythmic sound of my feet on the gravel.  Swimming – Following the black line.

What foods are most critical in your training? -- Peanut butter, lots of fruits and vegetables, beans, yogurt and sunflower seeds.

Who or what gets you out of bed to train on bad days/freezing rain/100 degree heat? -- I envision the starter cannon going off at an Ironman race and 2,700 of my friends and I start swimming at the beginning of a long 140.6-mile day.  I will do anything to be prepared for that sobering moment - even 5 a.m. swims.

What has had the greatest impact on your progress as an athlete? -- Steve Breeding.

How has triathlon changed your life? -- More confidence and patience.  Also, and I am just going to say it – life is just a little bit about me.

Favorite website(s)? --

If you were the God of triathlons for one day, what change would you make? -- Let my kids run with me for a bit --- until their old man wears them out.

Favorite triathlete? -- Lew Hollander.  He is 80 and still racing as an Ironman.

Favorite athlete to watch in another sport? -- My kids doing anything!

Favorite city to visit? -- It’s not a city: Truchas Peak in the Pecos Wilderness near Santa Fe, New Mexico – over 13000’.  Civilization is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

Bucket list (1 to 5 things) -- 1.)  Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with one of my kids, 2.) move to the mountains and 3.) sail the Caribbean.

Favorite quote or motto? -- "It don’t get any better than this."

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