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May Magic on Market Street #2: Ana Lemus, The Woodlands

Some of you may be a little bit too young to remember the late 1970s series of Anhueser-Busch Natural Light Beer commercials and the spiel, "Now you can call me Ray, or you can call me J ... but you doesn't hasta call me Mr. Johnson!"

Ana Lemus e-mailed us last month thanking Woodlands MultiSport for compiling the top 25 half iron distance list of times by disciplines and saying that "it is now a big motivator for me to be on that list".  (Actually, we've heard that from more than a few people.)  However, she also told us that the complete list of area half iron distance finishes finds her sprouting a multiple personality disorder!

"I am listed as Ana Rivero and Ana Lemus for my half Ironman finishes and it would be great to be the same person for all of them," she said.  "People here know me as Ana Lemus although all results will be listed as Ana Rivero, you can pick which ever if you decide it is important to change it."

We'll definitely get it changed, but we couldn't help but thinking that Ana was walking around going, "You can call me Rivero or you can call me Lemus ... or you can call me Rivero-Lemus, but just make sure you call me Ana!"

Well, especially when your name is called in Cozumel because we know that Mike Reilly will get it right here!

2010 USAT age? -- 36

Birthplace? -- Mexico City, Mexico.  Dual citizenship now.

You've been identified as registering for Ironman Texas. What motivated you to sign up? -- I think the biggest motivator was the local tri community.  That night at the Township meeting, when they gave the final “yes” to bringing Ironman Texas to The Woodlands, I knew this is something I wanted to share with my closest friends and to have my family with me.

Will this be your first attempt at an Ironman? -- My first attempt will be Ironman Cozumel in November 2010.

Will you/did you get an MDot tattoo after your first Ironman? -- No, I will not get an M-Dot tattoo.   Might shave my head, might do something temporarily crazy ... but no tattoos!

What triathlon/running/cycling clubs do you belong to? -- I am a member of the Lonestar Multisport Club and that reminds me that I haven’t paid for The Woodlands Running Club yet!

Do you train with anyone (i.e. training group)? -- I am honored to do most of my training with my close friend Karen Maldonado.  We ride with Don (Cole), Buck (Snyder) and Roberto (Guiot) on Saturdays mostly, and whomever else we meet on the way or whomever wants to join (Greg Gibbons, Mike Bard and Kevin like to make sporadic appearances).  If we ride Sundays, we go with Raul (Luzardo), Jesse (Robinson), and Mike Young.  Although, there is always a whole bunch of people to ride with, we (Karen and I) usually swim together once or twice a week.   I run every now and then with The Woodlands Running Club although I mostly run by myself.  Most people in The Woodlands are faster than me!  (That is a fact!)

Are you coached by anyone? -- I have been coached by a phenomenal athlete and great friend, Michelle LeBlanc, since September 2009.

How many hours a week do you spend training (overall and at each discipline)? -- I probably average between 16 and 19 hours a week.  Now it all depends on which week of training we are at for the hours of each specific discipline.   I usually do four (4) running sessions, four (4) bike sessions, one being optional, and swimming is where I have a problem limiting myself.  Some weeks I swim every day.  There are times in which I swim twice a day if I don’t know what to do with myself but let’s say that at least five (5) times a week.  I should do upper body weights and core twice a week but I can say I am a slacker when it comes to these.

When was your first triathlon? -- I think April 2008.  (Editor's note:  About the same time as Amy Barr.)

How did you do? -- I did not pass one person on the run, not one!  I still remember I could not even breathe coming out of T2, but for what I expected I did good.  I was happy to have finished.  I finished in the middle of the charts and 11th out of 100 first timers I think.  It was a great day!  I still remember how empowered I felt at the finish line.

Why did you get into the sport? -- I still don’t know, a friend of mine practically obliged me to sign up and do a tri with her.  I was just into yoga and would go do some cardio at the gym.  I really at first thought it was going to be a one time thing and that was it.  I must say though that I was always uneasy during my first year of racing, I did not like to compete at all, or to race.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep doing it or not.   That bothered me for a while and took some time to like it and get adjusted to it; more than a year.

What have you learned about yourself while pursuing triathlon/Ironman? -- I guess the most important lesson has been that the only thing that should really matter to me is what I think of myself.

Which of the three disciplines is your strongest? -- I would say the bike but I have been working hard on the swim and am starting to get out there and seeing great results.

What's your favorite triathlon distance? -- Half Ironman. Most Definitively.

Favorite race? -- Uh oh! I know I am going to get comments on this but I loved Buffalo Springs 70.3.  I would love to go back soon.   I also enjoy low key races:  Silverlake is one of my faves’.

What's your bucket list race(s)?
1.)  I think this summer I am doing Wisconsin 70.3.
2.)  If I do other Ironmans then Roth (Germany), Australia or New Zealand ... in my dream/wish list.
3.)  New York City Triathlon would be awesome.
4.)  Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas:  Definitively to end the curse.
5.)  Ironman 70.3 Austin (Longhorn):  As my beloved coach did not give me permission to do it this year.
6.)  Captex to redeem myself.

One piece of gear or gadget that you can't do without? -- My heart rate monitor and Chamoise Butt’r.

What's your favorite training routine? -- I can rarely do it but going for a moderate run at night and afterwards getting in the pool for a swim when it is all dark and only the pool is lit up.  Love it!

What are some of your favorite routes (biking or running)? -- Biking, I don’t do it as often as I would like to, but I love to ride the “second day route” of the MS 150 ride.  Now more locally, I every now and then go to Hempstead and Waller, I wish I could go more often.   Run?  I change this around a lot but the latest favorite is a 5-mile loop around the Lake.  I park at Villa and make repeats of the loop depending on the length of the run.

What foods are most critical in your training? -- I am not the best person to talk about this as I have no will power when it comes to food.  I know that lean protein would make a huge impact in my performance and overall wellness.  I just have a hard time eating enough protein.  I really live on a chocolate based diet!

Who or what gets you out of bed to train on bad days/freezing rain/100 degree heat? -- Karen, for the swim.  My swim group with Tim, Derek and Kim is always fun to go to and keeps me motivated.   Long rides are always full of jokes and stories so I would never miss one, both, my Saturday and Sunday groups are the best!   When it is extremely cold, a few cyclist friends from The Woodlands Cycling Club are always up for a ride.  I am very self motivated and disciplined when it comes to this.  If it is on the schedule, it has to be done, so this is not really an area where I struggle.  Fortunately, so far!

What has had the greatest impact on your progress as an athlete? -- Two things.  First, respecting my heart rate and second, discipline and consistency.

How has triathlon changed your life? -- There are not enough words to write about this.  In brief I can say that the way I now believe in me, is something I would never have expected and that has transcended to all areas of my life.   There is so much behind this story, it gives me a knot in my throat, but in conclusion, I am mentally stronger than ever.

Favorite website(s)? -- I know you are referring to triathlon websites but I browse way too often.  I rarely go check something out in a triathlon site, unless I get an email or a link from someone:  Karen bombards me with info!

If you were the God of triathlons for one day, what change would you make? -- I would give me a pair of really fast running legs or I would make port-a-potties flushable.

Favorite triathlete? Current? -- Chrissie of course!!  Well, Alexander has a special place in my heart too.

Favorite athlete to watch in another sport? -- It was John McEnroe for a quite a long time, now I struggle picking between (Rafael) Nadal and (Roger) Federer.

Favorite city to visit? -- London.

Bucket list (1 to 5 things) -- Ok, I am giving you the first things that come to mind:  1.)  White Water Rafting in Costa Rica, 2.) 2-3 days of sailing in the waters of the “Mar de Cotez” by Cabo and 3.) this is silly but I have got to go to the batting cages soon!  Anyone?

Favorite Quote or Motto -- “Trust the process of life” -- Marcelo Rivero, my Dad.

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