Wednesday, October 13, 2010

May Magic on Market Street #1: Kyle Mays, The Woodlands

Perhaps it is fitting that our first "May Magic on Market Street" profile for next May's inaugural Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas comes from one of the two individuals (the other being Dr. Kristie Chandler) who stepped to The Woodlands Township lecturn on the night that The Township approved its sponsorship agreement with the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) to bring Ironman Texas to The Woodlands.

Kyle Mays finished his first Ironman last November at Ironman Arizona in 13 hours, 48 minutes and 27 seconds, and he says below, that he has some unfinished Ironman business to resolve in May.
Kyle Mays speaking at The Woodlands Township Board of Directors meeting in June (Photo courtesy of Jon Walk)
2010 USAT age? -- 47

Birthplace? -- Houston, Texas.

You've been identified as registering for Ironman Texas.  What motivated you to sign up? -- The first running of my "hometown" race and have some Ironman goals left to accomplish.

Will this be your first attempt at an Ironman? -- No.

If not, how many IMs have you completed? -- One, Ironman Arizona, 2009.

Will you/did you get an MDot tattoo after your first Ironman? -- No.

What triathlon/running/cycling clubs do you belong to? -- Lonestar Multisport and Dana Lyons' Team Finish Strong Racing.

Do you train with anyone (i.e. training group)? -- Not exclusively.

Are you coached by anyone? -- Dana Lyons.

How many hours a week do you spend training (overall and at each discipline)? -- 10 to 15 hrs/wk.  Swim - 3, Run - 4, Bike - 5.

When was your first triathlon? -- The CB&I Triathlon in The Woodlands, 2004.

How did you do? -- It was a good "learning experience."

Why did you get into the sport? -- "After a few years of running the annual Run Thru The Woods 5-miler on Thanksgiving, I started thinking about trying a longer distance race.  On Thanksgiving day in 2002, I mentioned to Cassandra (my lovely wife) that I was going to sign up for the Houston Half Marathon which was about 2 months away.  If that went well, then I would run the full marathon the next year.

"Incredibly, she replied with chuckle that she didn't think I had the motivation to train for a marathon.  Uh oh... The challenge was on!  Of course I decided right then to skip the half marathon and run the 2003 Austin Marathon which was about 3 months away."

"The transition from running to triathlon took place over the next year.  First, some friends talked me into getting a bike and riding the MS150 in 2004.  That was the year that The Woodlands launched the CB&I Triathlon.  Never one to pass up a good challenge, I signed up for the race, took a few swim lessons, and jumped right in.  What a learning experience!"

"Thanks to the camaraderie of my fellow LSMS members, I have since trained for and competed in dozens of triathlons and road races of all distances."

What have you learned about yourself while pursuing triathlon/Ironman? -- It has reinforced that I'm very determined and very competitive.  Not really a surprise to me.

Which of the three disciplines is your strongest? -- Bike.

What's your favorite triathlon distance? -- Sprint.

Favorite race? -- CB&I.

What's your bucket list race? -- Not sure.

One piece of gear or gadget that you can't do without? -- Garmin 310XT.

What's your favorite training routine? -- I like to change things up.

What are some of your favorite routes (biking or running)? -- Biking:  Out to Montgomery and Ironstar bike course and back.  Running:  Run over to Jones State Park for a loop and back home (in winter).

What foods are most critical in your training? -- I use Hammer gels and Accelerade.

Who or what gets you out of bed to train on bad days/freezing rain/100 degree heat? -- Determination.

What has had the greatest impact on your progress as an athlete? -- Experience over the last 6 years and hiring a coach.

How has triathlon changed your life? -- I'm much more focused on health and fitness and I've made lots of new friends and acquaintences.

If you were the God of triathlons for one day, what change would you make? -- Wave starts for Ironman triathlons!

Favorite triathlete? -- Team Hoyt.

Favorite city to visit? -- I like to travel to new places.

Bucket list (1 to 5 things) -- Climb Denali.  Lots of travel destinations.

Favorite quote or motto? -- Phillipians 4:13; "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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